New 3-day introductory course on Modelling Gas Turbines with PROOSIS in October 2017

A 3-day introductory course to modelling gas turbines with PROOSIS will be given in Madrid from October 24-26, 2017. The course will focus on the modelling and simulation of aeronautical propulsion systems and on acquainting users with the wide range of calculations that can be done with PROOSIS. PROOSIS is used to model 0D and 1D aeronautical systems.

During the course the students will model a complete turbofan and perform the corresponding analysis: single design, multi-point design, optimisation, steady state calculation, operating line and a complete transient mission with the engine. In addition, multiple ways to export the engine model to other platforms using international standards such as ARP-4868, FMI, C++, Excel, etc, will be studied. After this course, students can begin to model aircraft engines with PROOSIS with optimal efficiency.

Download course program in brochure: Modelling Gas Turbine Engines with PROOSIS.