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New demo version of EcosimPro 6.4.0!

This edition is limited to 200 equations and does not contain professional toolkits. However it contains the STANDARD toolkit with some basic libraries: CONTROL, THERMAL, ELECTRICAL, HYDRAULIC, TURBOJET, etc.). It also includes the examples from the book "Introduction to Modelling and Simulation with EcosimPro". It is designed to provide an initial understanding of the tool). It requires MS Windows 7 or greater, and an active internet connection.


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Space Applications

Propulsion for Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles and Auxiliary Facilities (ESPSS).
Environmental Control and Life Support Systems for Manned Spacecraft (ECLSS)

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Aeronautical Applications

Aircraft Propulsion for Performance, Transient and Control Analyses (TURBO).
Aircraft System Simulation Toolkit (ASYST).
Aircraft Electrical Power System (ELECTRIC-SYSTEMS)

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Power, Water and Process Applications

Modelling HVAC in Buildings (HVAC).
Thermal Balance in Power Plants (THERMAL-BALANCE).
Gas Turbine Engine Simulations For Power Generation Applications (GTE-TURBOSHAFT).
Power Plant and Systems Transient Studies (PPTS).
Piping Multiflow Thermohydraulic Analyses (FLUIDAPRO | PIPELIQTRAN | PIPELIQ).
Desalination Plants (ROSIM).
Low Cryogenic Systems (CRYOLIB).
Tritium Transport and Process (TRITIUM).
Electrical Power Systems (ELECTRIC-SYSTEMS)

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First chapter of the book "Introduction to Gas Turbine Modelling with PROOSIS"

Examples of the book "Introduction to Modelling and Simulation with EcosimPro", adapted to EcosimPro 6.4.0 version.

Modelling Examples

Step-by-step Manual Videos