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For today’s engineering firm, using simulation tools to improve the design process of new products has become an absolute necessity. Systems simulations allow companies to reduce design and manufacturing costs while shortening development times. The simulation toolkits developed by EA Internacional over the last 20 years have aided many companies in this respect. Check out our products webpage and see if there is a toolkit there that meets the specific needs of your firm. Our products have been tested in complex projects in the fields of space, aeronautics and power, water and process sectors since 1990. They are currently the simulation toolkits of choice in many disciplines at organisations such as the European Space Agency (ESA).

EcosimPro/PROOSIS models are being used for:

  • Digital Twins of process plants, aircraft engines, rockets, etc.
  • Engineering for design of products
  • Health Monitoring
  • Optimisation
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Hardware-in-the-loop

EA Internacional can provide a full range of consulting services to your firm, including training courses adapted to your company’s needs and support for modelling your systems. We invite you to visit some of the industrial cases developed using our toolkits in recent years.

In addition, check out our platform and toolkit fact sheet:


EcosimPro is a first-class simulation tool for modelling continuous-discrete systems. It is the official tool of the European Space Agency in multiple fields.

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PROOSIS is a state-of-the-art tool for 1D modelling of aeronautical gas turbines based on EcosimPro. It provides additional capabilities for representing and designing new propulsion systems.

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Modelling and Simulation Toolkits and Services

Space Applications

Propulsion for Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles and Auxiliary Facilities (ESPSS).
Dynamic Fluid Networks Simulation Toolkit (FLUIDAPRO).
Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Simulation (LPRES).
Environmental Control and Life Support Systems for Manned Spacecraft (ECLSS).
Two-Phase Capillary Systems (TPCS)

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Aeronautical Applications

Aircraft Propulsion for Performance, Transient and Control Analyses (TURBO).
Aircraft System Simulation Toolkit (ASYST).
Aircraft Electrical Power System (ELECTRIC-SYSTEMS)

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Power, Water and Process Applications

Modelling HVAC in Buildings (HVAC).
Power Plant and Systems Transient Studies (PPTS).
Solar-Thermal Power Plant Simulation (ST-PPTS).
Thermal Balance in Power Plants (THERMAL-BALANCE).
Gas Turbine Engine Simulations For Power Generation Applications (GTE-TURBOSHAFT).
Dynamic Fluid Networks Simulation Toolkit (FLUIDAPRO).
Thermo-Hydraulic Transient Simulation Toolkit (PIPELIQTRAN).
Presure and Mass Flow Balance in Hydraulic/Liquid Systems (PIPELIQ).
Desalination Plants (ROSIM).
Low Cryogenic Systems (CRYOLIB).
Tritium Transport and Process (TRITIUM).
Electrical Power Systems (ELECTRIC-SYSTEMS).
Renewable Energy and Smart Grid (SMART-GRID)

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