EAI participates in ONEIRE project for zero emission aircraft

Madrid (Spain). Empresarios Agrupados Internacional S.A. (EAI) participates in the development of the ONEIRE – OPTIMUM NEXT GENERATION AIRCRAFT & INTEGRATED REAR END project whose objective is to investigate the first design phases of the new generation of low and zero emission aircraft powered by H2 in its 4 basic pillars: product, manufacturing and assembly systems, digitalisation and design tools and advanced exploration of “Zero Emission” configurations and associated technologies. The leader of the Consortium is Airbus, EAI participates as technological partner.

EAI will undertake simulation studies of the use of hydrogen as a fuel in the aircraft’s APU designs. It will rely on its PROOSIS-ASYST aeronautical simulation toolkits to perform complex experiments to optimise the performance of these new type of low-polluting engines.

This project has been subsidised by the CDTI with file number PTAG-20211008 through the call for 2021 of the procedure for granting aid for Strategic Sectorial Business Innovation Initiatives (“Aeronautical Technology Programme”), within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (financed by Next Generation EU funds, including the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) and the State Programme for Business Leadership in R&D&I, of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.