TRITIUM, hydrogen isotope transport simulation in EcosimPro

The modelling of hydrogen isotope transfer phenomena, in particular of tritium, is a historic milestone in nuclear fusion technology.

Tritium is a reactant in the fusion reaction and therefore of great interest. It presents two major problems in operation, however: it is a radioactive isotope and it is highly permeable. As a result, it is especially important to monitor and control it.

Now, a hydrogen isotope transport simulation tool, called TRITIUM, has been developed for this purpose. The result of a collaborative effort between Empresarios Agrupados Internacional (EAI)/CIEMAT and directed and financed by Fusion For Energy (F4E, European Domestic Agency for the Development of Fusion and ITER), TRITIUM consists of a set of libraries created using the EcosimPro simulation platform developed by Empresarios Agrupados.

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