Team Indus, using EcosimPro, has been pre-selected to compete for the Google Lunar XPRIZE

Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition seeks to develop efficient, economical access to the Moon by promoting technological innovation by entrepreneurs the world over. The goal of the competition is to land a vehicle on the Moon’s surface, move it at least 500 metres and transmit high-definition photos and video back to Earth. There is a lot of prize money at stake in the race, which has now entered its final phase, with 5 teams pre-selected to prepare for launch in 2017.

One of them is Team Indus (from Bangalore, India). This small Indian startup is developing a project to go to the Moon and transmit back video images. Team Indus is using our EcosimPro/FLUIDAPRO tool to perform the fluid-dynamics analysis of its propulsion system. The module’s simulation allows them to estimate pressure drops, maximum pressure, fuel mass flows, etc., all of which helps them to design their systems better.

We here at EcosimPro are very pleased that they are one of the teams that has been preselected by Google to compete for this important prize, and we wish them all the best in this final phase of the competition. For more information, check out