Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD)

Fernando Rodríguez, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

EcosimPro attended the 25th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics held in Munich from 19th – 23th October. The symposium brought together the foremost international experts in space flight mechanics from the main agencies and space research centres, such as NASA, JPL, ESA, JAXA, Johns Hopkins University, DLR, etc.

Over these four days, participants shared their experiences in the operation of space probes and satellites, mission analysis, space debris mitigation techniques, etc, as well as their associated mathematical challenges and the methods and tools used for their resolution.

The EcosimPro team, in collaboration with the Space Dynamics Group (SDG) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, took part in the symposium presenting a poster based on the “Novel dynamical model for an object-oriented space tether simulator” article that can be found on our web page. We also presented a new set of libraries for the simulation of Space Tether Systems (several satellites joined by cables) and for common space mechanics applications, such as orbit and dynamic propagation, attitude control, formation flying, etc.