Space Propulsion Congress 2016

José Moral & Javier Vilá, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

As in previous years, the EcosimProESPSS team will be at the upcoming Space Propulsion Congress this May in Rome. On this occasion we will present several papers based on the ESPSS simulation library improvement works carried out in the Multiphase Flow Modeling project, in which some of the most renowned European space propulsion companies and institutions participated.

The following aspects will be covered by the various partners:

  • Implementation of the AUSM numerical method in order to attain greater precision in the results of the models, by reducing the simulation time in comparison to other similar applications, by the Universidad “La Sapienza” de Roma.
  • Development of a non-homogenous two-phase flow model in ESPSS, based on the AUSM numerical method, by the Von Karman Institute.
  • Development of a code for calculating the evolution of the complex geometries of the fuel in solid-fuel rocket engines, by ONERA.
  • Improvements in the simulation of the dynamics of a spacecraft and its coupling to the propulsion system, by KopooS.

The ESPSS team will present an additional paper entitled “ESPSS Model of a Simplified Combined-Cycle Engine for Supersonic Cruise”, showing the capabilities of the libraries for simulating a high speed engine. The model combines an atmospheric engine with a liquid fuel rocket engine, also including a closed helium cycle with a system of heat exchangers to increase its efficiency.


In addition, the team will have a stand to present live demonstrations of EcosimPro and will organize a workshop where users can present their models and requirements, and the developers can present their latest additions to the libraries.