Empresarios Agrupados at Space Propulsion Conference 2014

Empresarios Agrupados presents their space propulsion simulation product EcosimPro/ESPSS at the Space Propulsion Conference in Cologne.

The European Space Propulsion Conference 2014 was held in Cologne, Germany, organized by the European Space Agency and other European organisms from the space sector, and this year featured the latest innovations developed by Spanish engineering in this field.

A team of space propulsion engineers from EA specialized in simulation took part in this major global platform to show more details on the new capabilities of the EcosimPro/ESPSS tool. The ESPSS models propulsion systems for spacecraft and satellites, including firing processes, fuel tank evolution, heat exchangers, mechanical systems and electronic pressure regulators. For instance, it can model any type of liquid rocket motor with one or more combustion chambers, including turbo-machinery (pumps, compressors and turbines) and two-phase cooling systems.

The venue was also where they presented the new improvements in the ESPSS Library (European Space Propulsion System Simulation) developed by a consortium led by EA and the European Space Agency. The software simulates propulsion systems for space vehicles and launchers. New items are the new modules for electric propulsion and solid/hybrid propulsion, a new library for stationary calculations, new solid/liquid and ramjet/scramjet fuel combustors and a new library for calculating orbits. EcosimPro/ESPSS is currently being used by a number of European companies in the design of new space propulsion systems, and many of the talks given included models developed with EcosimPro software.
On the last day of the fair, the ESA organized the third workshop for EcosimPro/ESPSS users, with a strong turnout from representatives from the European space industry. Papers were given on work done in the industry and there was a round table held to propose new improvements to the tool in the future. Phase III of ESPSS development is headed by EA and began in July 2014, ending in early 2016.

Regarding EcosimPro: EcosimPro and PROOSIS are both products developed by Empresarios Agrupados
Internacional that have become acknowledged worldwide as referents in simulation, used by
prestigious organizations in the areas of aeronautics, space, energy, etc.