Simulation of advanced thermo-solar systems

Raúl Avezuela, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

On 23rd October 2015, EA participated in a conference called “Analytical Tools and Experiences in the Production of Advanced Thermo-Solar Systems in IMDEA” organized by Instituto Imdea Energía, in the framework of the European projects STAGE-STE and ALCCONES, included in the R+D Activities Program of the Madrid Regional Government.

The conference focused on the presentation of simulation tools and experiences applicable to new formats and concepts of thermo-solar power plants. The conference was very successful both in research centers and companies involved in that sector.

EA presented the paper “Cases of Application of EcosimPro in Thermo-Solar Power Plants”, which covered some simulation studies of thermo-solar systems carried out using EcosimPro, among these:

  • Development of an engineering simulator in a parabolic trough concentrating solar power plant
  • Analysis of the operating strategy of a thermo-solar power plant, with central receptor with steam accumulators

The presentation was well received by the audience due to the flexibility and multi-disciplinary character of EcosimPro.