Release of EcosimPro/PROOSIS 7.0

Empresarios Agrupados announces the release of the new EcosimPro/PROOSIS 2024 Version 7.0, a tool specialising in the simulation of dynamic systems in the fields of space, aeronautics and energy.

This new version 7.0 is the product of two of years of work and it provides additional capabilities for modelling advanced dynamic simulation systems based on differential-algebraic systems and discrete events in an object-oriented environment.

EcosimPro/PROOSIS have become a state-of-the-art modelling and simulation tool in the world in the areas of energy, space and aeronautics. Today, many prestigious companies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus, Safran, Thales Alenia, CERN, ITER, etc. are using EcosimPro/PROOSIS for modelling space propulsion systems, aeronautical gas turbines, process plants, cryogenic systems, electrical machines, etc.


The new version provides among others:

  • More robust use of the 3 types of libraries: simulation, experiments and programming. Now the user can program classical programs like in C++ within the EcosimPro Studio and to produce reusable external libraries to be used either in another simulation library or in an external program. Better debugging of models and programs in MS Visual Studio C++ to analysing line by line during the execution.
  • In the area of solvers there is a new sparse solver for linear equations that overpass the previous dense solver when dealing with big linear equations systems.
  • Improved Automatic Testing Tool that can save hours of work.
  • Plotting of each residue in the Monitor.
  • New debugging for transient model with convergence problems.
  • Use of latest MS C++ 2022 and GCC 11.2.
  • Unified platform for using any MS C++ compiler from 2015. Now you do not need to create new libraries with external objects for each platform.
  • The container classes have a better performance (based on the STL from C++) for accessing fast to the internal elements.
  • A new schematics parser much faster that permits to compile a complex schematic model in less time.
  • Smarter object editors with more comple logic for activating/deactivating input data.
  • Vertical and horizontal zooming in plotters.
  • Graphical support for drawing arrays of ports when connecting to another components.
  • etc.

If you have updated your EcosimPro/PROOSIS maintenance, you can download it now from your cloud area. If you have any problem downloading it from the cloud, please contact the support team (, for maintenance contract issues contact