ASYST – PROOSIS Aircraft Systems Simulation Toolkit

A beta version of the Aircraft Systems Simulation Toolkit for PROOSIS is ready, and will soon be commercially available to simulate the thermo-fluid systems of aircraft, such as: the pneumatic system (environmental control ECS), hydraulics (fuel, oil) and steam cycles (cooling, bottoming cycles, etc.).

PROOSIS Aircraft Systems Simulation Toolkit

The libraries included in the toolkit are compatible  with the TURBO library for simulating gas turbines, therefor making it possible to simulate the engine along with the systems it interacts with: fuel feed systems, oil coolant loop, air bleeding system and the ECS, etc. and of course, the thermal interactions between them.

The toolkit shares the TURBO library’s philosophy in terms of modelling and scope. That makes it a useful tool for analyzing the thermodynamic cycle by making it possible to run design point studies (including all the normal calculations in these analysis: parametric, optimization, Monte Carlo, etc.) as well as off-design simulations of a particular system (static calculations and dynamic simulations). For dynamic simulations, the libraries include the most significant transient effects (slow dynamics).

The modelling flexibility (any thermal-fluid system) along with the variety of possible calculations make PROOSIS-Aircraft Systems a very useful design tool to integrate the different aircraft systems (thermal management).

Although useful for any fluid system of the aircraft, the toolkit is especially useful for simulating the ECS. It can be used to simulate any conventional or innovative configuration (more electric aircraft) based on air cycles (ACM) or vapor cycles (VCM). Not only can the toolkit be used to simulate the cooling cycle, but also the air bleeding subsystem and the cabin air distribution subsystem as well. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information (