Newsletter number 12 has been issued

Latest newsletter from the EcosimPro/PROOSIS working group is now available in English and Spanish.

The topics covered are the following:
* New features in forthcoming version of the program: simulation from schematics, and capability to export workspaces.
* Hardware in the loop (HIL) applications with EcosimPro models.
* Information about new versions of the following toolkits: ESPSS, CRYOLIB, THERMAL_BALANCE, and FLUIDAPRO.
* Future platform for satellite simulation.
* Thermosolar library in PROOSIS.
* PROOSIS course in the ISAE, Toulouse.
* EcosimPro course in ESA-ESTEC.
* ASME SAE gas turbine standardisation commitee.
* Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD).
* Simulation of advanced thermo-solar systems.
* Space Propulsion Congress 2016.
* EcosimPro library for modelling, data reconciliation and optimal operation of hydrogen networks.