New version of the FLUIDAPRO

José Moral & Javier Vila, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

The FLUIDAPRO toolkit, formed by a set of professional libraries developed for the simulation of complex fluid systems, has recently undergone a profound reworking that significantly improves the quality of both the technical side and of the renewed visual appearance of this tool.

The new features of this new version include the possibility of simplified simulation of certain combustion processes thanks to the new ‘reactor’ component. This component includes two injectors that can operate with liquids or gases and a chamber that calculates the composition and properties of the combustion products, which are transmitted downstream from the reactor. To do this, all the library components have been adapted to operate with combustion products.


The following other significant improvements have also been introduced:

• Variable area in the pipe component as a function of its length
• Option of working with user-defined fluids in the Reactor component
• A basic vaporisation model has been added in the Reactor component
• Possibility of defining the non-condensable fluid with the properties of a real gas
• New option in the check valves to accelerate the simulation

Furthermore, new examples of use have been included to showcase the new capabilities. An important effort has gone into improving their documentation and the user manuals so as to facilitate the use of the libraries. The added models include refrigeration thermodynamic cycles under two-phase conditions, mixing of three lines with different working fluids, gas turbine cycles with water injection, and some examples in the space field.