New version of ESPSS

José Moral & Javier Vilá, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

The new Version 3.1 of the ESPSS toolkit is now available. It contains significant improvements derived from the recently concluded third phase of the maintenance program, along with some new developments from the Multiphase Flow Modelling project.

One of the most important issues covered by this maintenance program was the adaptation of the libraries to 64-bit compilers. This has resulted in a notable reduction in simulation time, especially in complex models. Other points worthy of mention are the inclusion of new components, like a pressure regulator and a hydraulic turbine, as well as the expansion of the STEADY library with estimates of mass, the inclusion of thermal conduction in liquids, and the possibility of using real properties for non-condensable gases.

The usual maintenance tasks have also been carried out, such as the elimination of bugs in the source code, the implementation of new options requested by users, and the improvement of the documentation and examples.

Specifically, with regard to the developments as a result of the Multiphase Flow Modelling project, new features include the incorporation of the Hump Effect and the scale factor for solid/hybrid motors, the development of a new numerical AUSM function, the extension of the SATELLITE library with new scenarios and its coupling with the propulsion system.


We trust that these improvements will be useful for our users, while we continue working on the development of new capabilities and on improving existing features via new projects.