New version 3.0.5 of ESPSS

Javier Vilá, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

Properties files for new fluids have been added and some of the existing ones have been optimised by extending the validity ranges and returning better results. The interpolation library for these files has also been updated.

The Ramjet component under different operating conditions has been validated: Fanno flow, heat addition and mass addition. The results obtained in ESPSS have been obtained with the corresponding analytical solutions. The adjustment of the implemented model has proven to be correct.

New components have been added to the libraries, such as an independent starter for motors, a fluid component that incorporates the wall or a tank that can receive combustion products.

There has been further progress on the upgrading of the combustion chambers for solid and hybrid propellants, including new parameters to define the geometry or the fuel consumption in the direction of the axis, among other options.

New typical cases for the application of the libraries have been added and amply documented so as to allow users to understand easier the operation of ESPSS and to build their own models. These examples cover different common applications of the tool: a design case for a rocket engine with the STEADY library, a transient case for that same engine and a case of priming of a piping network. They can all be used as templates to create more complex customised systems.

Apart from these upgrades, and thanks to users, there has been an ongoing process of correcting bugs in all components.