New ECS Library

Raúl Avezuela, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

A new ECS library is now available in PROOSIS. The PROOSIS ECS library is used for performance analysis and dynamic simulation of Environmental Control Systems (ECS) and other aircraft pneumatic systems.

The ECS library offers a set of typical components and subsystems for the modelling and simulation of the aircraft ECS such as ducts, valves, heat exchangers, fans, turbines, etc. It includes components to represent the cabin and the passengers as well.

The palette of components of the ECS library is shown in the following figure.


The main features of the library are the following:

• Dynamic simulation and performance analysis of Environmental Control Systems
• Connection to the aircraft engine model
• Modelling of the control system of the ECS
• Easy customisation of the cabin layout
• Assessment of different cooling pack architectures
• Analysis of the comfort of the passengers
• Easy customisation or creation of new components

The ECS toolkit includes several application examples to allow the users to develop their own models. The following figure shows the schematic diagram of an aircraft engine model connected to the pneumatic system of the air conditioning pack for the ECS.