New EcosimPro 5.10 released

EcosimPro 5.10 has been released today with new capabilities that make it state of the art software for modeling and simulation. Many enhancements have been made, including new and faster solvers, new multi-instances editor that improve the capabilities of use of schematics, full co-simulation support using standard FMI 2.0, new classes for matrices arithmetic, an improved automatic testing tool of models and libraries, real-time capabilities, etc.

A list with some of the improvements is the following:

– New multi-instance editor in the schematic that enables editing several objects simultaneously and intuitively.

– Importing/exporting of models using standard FMI, improved to make it multi-process.

– New transient solvers BACKEULER, BACKEULER_SPARSE (implicit fixed-step Euler) and RK45 (explicit variable-step Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg) are now available. Some of these are optimised for real-time.

– New linear equations solver that speeds up simulations by up to 30%.

– More real-time capabilities for monitoring all the integration steps of the simulation and detecting bottlenecks (graphic monitor of real-time compliance, optimised residues function, etc).

– New matrix classes that allow matrix arithmetic and vectors like in Matlab.

– Improved Automatic Testing tool, more powerful and intuitive.

– Improved HDF5 file comparer for navigating through the differences more quickly and intuitively.

– Functions for converting real numbers to binary and hexadecimal.

– Improvements to EDictionary and ESet containers to allow duplicates.

– Improved exporting of models to MS Excel with external objects

– New management of page size and margins in schematics.

– Improved graphic simulation monitor with more options for a more user-friendly experience.

– Etc.

In case you have up to date the EcosimPro maintenance, please check your download area to get the latest installer packages.