New Book: Introduction to Gas Turbine Modeling with PROOSIS

A new PROOSIS book has come out this month titles Introduction to Gas Turbine Modeling with PROOSIS, written for EA by A. Alexiou and T. Tsalavoutas of the National Technical University of Athens. The book is a user’s guide to PROOSIS for modeling aeronautical engines using the TURBO library in PROOSIS.

The book begins with an introduction to the simulation environment, a description of the TURBO library components such as compressors, turbines, burners, nozzles, etc. with examples of their use. A subsequent chapter gives different typical performance analyses such as design and off-design in turbojet, turbofan and turboshaft configurations. Another chapter is dedicated to advanced studies such as parametric analyses, multi-point design with inequalities, zooming, mission analyses, etc. Another section describes the outside connections with other tools such as MS Excel, MS Visual Basic, Matlab, etc. and the automatic generation of customer decks using international standards SAE ARP.

The book ends with a brief summary of the most important concepts in modeling, such as EL, the non-causal object-oriented language used to model components, the mathematical partitions and the experiments.

Part of the book is available online at the following link. For further information, please contact us directly.