New 3-day introductory course on Modelling Space Propulsion Systems with EcosimPro in November 2017

A 3-day introductory course to modelling space propulsion systems with EcosimPro and its toolkits will be given in Madrid from November 14-16, 2017. EcosimPro has different toolkits for the modelling of launchers and satellite propulsion systems: ESPSS, FLUIDAPRO and LPRES. This course will show how to model typical propulsion systems in an efficient manner. These toolikts are used today by many companies worldwide to design propulsion systems (e.g. ESPSS is the official tool of the European Space Agency).

The course will cover test cases such as: priming simulation in two-phase piping networks, startup and shutdown of a rocket engine, design and off-design of rockets, coupling of the propulsion system and the control system, physical modelling of typical components (e.g. pipes, turbo-machinery, combustors, nozzles, etc.) and many more.

Download course program in brochure: Modelling Space Propulsion Systems with EcosimPro.