Improved the FMI for co-simulation

The FMI-FMU model connection for co-simulation has been updated and validated in EcosimPro/PROOSIS improving the performance of the external model connection. This new improvement facilitates the co-simulation of models with other simulation tools using the international standard FMI.

EcosimPro/PROOSIS models can be easily exported as FMUs by means of an intuitive wizard where the model configuration can be performed graphically. This does not require any manual programming, everything is generated automatically.

Likewise, the import process of FMU models for co-simulation has been added to the EL language. The FMU models can be imported and executed in EcosimPro/POOSIS through a set of simple and well-defined functions that follow the FMI standard. The modelers can work simulatenously with many FMU instances (running in different processes of the CPU).