Future platform for a satellite simulation

José Moral & Javier Vilá, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

With the goal of expanding the range of application and capabilities of the ESPSS libraries, we have proposed a new project to ESA with the help of specialized collaborators. This project consists of the development of a complementary ESPSS toolkit to provide the libraries with new simulation capabilities in three areas:

  • Guidance during the ascent of a launch vehicle, with control of the startup and shutdown sequence of the motors, the separation of the different stages and payloads, and optimization of the orientation of the thrust vector.
  • Improvement of AOCS simulation capabilities, including a greater level of detail in the perturbations and dynamics of the vehicle sub-systems.
  • Advanced capabilities of satellite simulation, including simulation of flexible bodies and simplified models of in-tank fuel movements.


This project is a first step in the expansion of the classic field of simulation of ESPSS propulsion systems and conversion of these libraries to a satellite simulation platform that is valid for any simulation need that may arise in a space mission, including:

  • Propulsion and guidance systems of the launcher
  • Orbital and attitude control
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Control
  • Power systems