ESA workshop about EcosimPro-ESPSS at Space Propulsion Conference 2012

ESA is organising a workshop for European Space Propulsion System Simulation (ESPSS) users at the Space Propulsion 2012 Conference in Bordeaux (France) in May. The workshop is an ESA initiative to give an introduction to ESPSS for the broad propulsion community, followed by a users workshop. A general overview of the ESPSS will be given by ESA and EA Internacional, where the main capabilities of the EcosimPro tool and the ESPSS libraries will be explained, as well as the status of the main developments that are currently ongoing in ESPSS.

Some selected applications of actual cases will be then presented by some industrial and researcher institution users, showing how they have handle specific problems and how source access allows addressing their specific problems. The purpose is to highlight potential extensions given by ESPSS users for further upgrades. ESA and EAI will be glad to receive in the subsequent round-table discussion the different suggestions and questions stated by other users and attendants, based on their experience and wishes. The main goal of this meeting is to initiate a constructive feed-back on the simulation tool in which the experience of developers and users are put together to plan future improvements for the EcosimPro/ESPSS tool environment.

Users interested in showing their test cases and sharing their experience, are invited to contact us.