EcosimPro version 4.6.0 released

EA is pleased to announce that the new release EcosimPro 4.6 is now available. This new version contains many new improvements over the earlier 4.4 version and SPR solving (124 problems were fixed). The main improvements included in this version are:

  • New valid compiler for compiling models: MS Visual Studio C++ 2008
  • New valid compiler GNU C++ for the execution module (Windows&Linux)
  • More robust solvers and better debugging information
  • New tool for analysing the performance of every function during simulation
  • Improved postprocess tool for visualising simulation results
  • New object editors for customizing any editor with more meaningful layout.
  • Alias mechanism to assign an alias to a variable
  • Macros language
  • Improved Monitor: faster selection of variables, more information for variables, etc.
  • Tool for exporting models outside EcosimPro environment
  • New tool for sorting items in the TOPOLOGY block

This new version is 100% compatible with the previous version 4.4.