EcosimPro-PROOSIS 6.4 2022 is ongoing

We are working on the new version of our products EcosimPro-PROOSIS 6.4 2022 which is scheduled for release on 1 January 2022.

This new version of our simulation tools will incorporate new capabilities that will make EcosimPro-PROOSIS a state-of-the-art product in 0D/1D simulation worldwide.

Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Better and more robust solvers.
  • Improved connection using FMI co-simulation and FMI Model Exchange.
  • Integrated tool to connect with GIT and SVN configuration tools.
  • Timing analysers calculating Jacobians.
  • Easy export of models to web pages using web services.
  • Remote connection to models using a web service API.
  • Direct connection from Python.
  • More thread-safe C++ code generated.
  • Improved export tool to Linux.
  • Creation of 3D scenarios for visualisation during the simulation.
  • Use of python for creating any type of plot in the Monitor.
  • etc.

In case you already have an updated maintenance you will automatically receive the version as soon as it is released, otherwise please contact us.