EcosimPro optimal entry-impact in the Indian markets: Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

We are pleased to announce the first EcosimPro course given in India. This course took place last January and lasted for three days. The EcosimPro course has been organized after a request from the very first Ecosimpro customer in India, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), located in Kerala State, in Trivandrum. This centre is one of many ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) centres. Actually it can be considered one of the key Indian companies in developing space technology and its applications.

Recently VSSC has developed and established a new R&D team for Environmental control and Life support systems (ECLSS) and they count on EcosimPro and its ECLSS Library as their main working tool. Their choice is not very surprising as ECLSS is the official library of European Space Agency(ESA). Furthermore we are proud to include as users the following companies: NASA, Canadian Space Agency, Thales Alenia Torino (which has been using it over the last 10 years to simulate parts of the Columbus module).

At the beginning the objective was set too high, as in just three days two of our engineers, Almudena Rueda and Raúl Avezuela had to train 20 engineers in a new area. But, thanks to their close participation during the course and the participants’ eagerness to learn this new tool, the course programme could be completed successfully.

The course was divided into two different parts while the participant’s main area of interest was the ECLSS

  • The first part focused on EcosimPro, its modelling language and its capacities
  • The second part of the course focused on the ECLSS Library. They therefore went through the typical ECLSS components involved in this kind of simulation (such as the cabin, the crew, fans, etc).

We must not forget to mention that our engineers have enjoyed an excellent collaboration with two engineers from Maxsoft, our distribution company in India.