EcosimPro-ESPSS will be in Rome for Space Propulsion Conference 2016, on 2-6 May 2016

In the first week of May (2nd to 6th) the EcosimPro team will be at the biannual Space Propulsion Conference organized by ESA and 3AF in Rome. We will have a stand where we will be showing the new features of EcosimPro and of the space propulsion simulation toolkits. ESA and Empresarios Agrupados have organized a workshop for users of EcosimPro/ESPSS on Thursday 5th May at 14:00. There will also be two conference sessions dedicated to EcosimPro/ESPSS papers on Thursday 5th May (Sessions 69 and 77) and on Friday 6th May (Session 93). Empresarios Agrupados will present the paper entitled ESPSS Model of a Simplified Combined-Cycle Engine for Supersonic Cruise in Session 93.

For more info visit the conference web: