EA Internacional (EAI) was present at Space Propulsion 2010 Conference in San Sebastian, Spain

The Conference was held at the Kursaal Conference Centre and EAI set up a stand to showcase the ESPSS (European Space Proyect Simulation Software) libraries running under EcosimPro for simulating space propulsion systems. The conference was organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and all major European Space Organizations such as CNES, DLR, ASI, etc.

ESPSS is composed of several reusable libraries:

  • A general purpose library for two-phase fluid 1D models for modelling hydraulic or pneumatic systems with coupled heat transfer networks and controllers
  • Libraries for the simulation of 1D two-phase tanks and turbo machinery components (pumps, turbines and compressors)
  • A library for the simulation of combustion chambers, nozzles and cooling systems
  • A library providing a standard properties database for propellants, pressurants and other fluids and materials

ESPSS can be used to model propulsion systems as well as spacecraft pressurization systems (including priming processes, tank behavior, heat exchange, mechanical or electronic pressure regulators), liquid rocket engine cycles with one or more combustion chambers) and two phase cooling systems, etc. ESPSS also permits analysing in great detail transient aspects due to inertia (water-hammer), heat exchange (radiators) or control processes.

ESPSS belongs to the European Space Agency (ESA) and EAI is the official distributor of these libraries.

On 6 May, the creators of ESPSS and the ESA coordinators of the project attended a workshop on EcosimPro and the ESPSS libraries. For more info visit www.propulsion2010.com