EAI presenting PROOSIS at ASME TURBO 2022 (Rotterdarm)

Empresarios Agrupados Internacional (Madrid, Spain) will be present at ASME TURBO 2022 (booth #214) in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) from June 13 to 17 with its PROOSIS simulation tool for modeling gas turbines. Today PROOSIS is used by world-class companies (eg Safran, Airbus, etc.) in the areas of design and optimization aeronautical propulsion systems. PROOSIS provides acausal-causal modelling language, performance maps handling, multipoint design with constraints tool, export of models using SAE standards, etc. Being a multidisciplinary simulation tool, PROOSIS is being used to study any new hydrogen-based engine configuration, electric propulsion, cryogenic lines, etc. that will allow the design of less polluting engines.