Course on Aeronautical Gas Turbine Modelling

Fernando Rodríguez & David Castaño, EcosimPro/PROOSIS

The course on “Modelling Gas Turbines Engines with PROOSIS” will be held on 22nd, 23rd and 24th September in our Madrid offices. This course is aimed at engineers involved in the design, modelling and calculation of performance for aeronautical gas turbines.

The course includes an introduction to the modelling with PROOSIS and its TURBO toolkit. The components required to model aeronautical motors will be described, and practical exercises on typical systems such as turbojets, turbofans, turboshafts or turboprops will be done. In addition, a wide range of studies will be explained and completed, including the design, off-design, transients, optimisation studies, parametric studies and sensitivity studies. Finally, there will be an explanation about how to export the complete models, such as black boxes and the different possibilities for connection with other environments.

Engineers attending the course shall find that PROOSIS is a powerful simulation tool. Its unique features provide a complete environment to simulate both the different types of aeronautical engines and their associated systems: Control System, Electrical System, Environmental Control System, Fuel System, etc.

The inscription period for the course is now open. For further information, please contact us at This is the PROOSIS course brochure