2014 Space Propulsion Conference in Cologne

The team at EcosimPro recently attended the 2014 Space Propulsion Conference held in Cologne, Germany from May 19 to 22. EA took the opportunity to show the most recent new capabilities of its rocket and satellite propulsion system simulation tools in the ESPSS library developed for ESA. EA likewise presented a paper called “1-D Simulation of Solid and Hybrid Combustors with EcosimPro/ESPSS” showing new capabilities for modeling solid and hybrid propulsion systems.

On May 22 a workshop was held for EcosimPro/ESPSS users. More than 20 engineers from different European companies attended it to see the most recent advances and upcoming developments in the tool for the new phase, which will be starting soon. Furthermore, the users also presented highly complex models that were simulated satisfactorily in EcosimPro/ESPSS and shared their experiences with the rest of the group.