EcosimPro and PROOSIS simulation tools


EcosimPro and PROOSIS are powerful mathematical tools capable of modelling any kind of dynamic system represented by differential-algebraic equations (DAE) or ordinary-differential equations (ODE) and discrete events. They are integrated visual environments that provide intuitive tools for making simulation easy.

The tools provide an object-oriented acausal approach for creating reusable component libraries and are based on very powerful symbolic and numerical methods capable of processing complex systems of differential-algebraic equations. With theirs clever wizards, they provide modellers with an easy way to build consistent mathematical models.

EcosimPro and PROOSIS are used by leading companies in the Aerospace and Energy sectors. European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen EcosimPro as its recommended tool for simulation in several fields, including propulsion, environmental control systems and life support (ECLSS) and power systems. For the last 15 years, ESA has turned to EcosimPro to model complex systems of the International Space Station (ISS), rocket propulsion and biological systems, among others.

Latest News

3-day Introductory Course to PROOSIS in October

An 3-day introductory course to modelling Gas Turbines with PROOSIS will be given in Madrid from October 1-3, 2014. The course will focus on the modeling and simulation of aeronautical propulsion systems and on acquainting users with the wide range of calculations that can be done with PROOSIS. More details in the PROOSIS course brochure


The team at EcosimPro recently attended the 2014 Space Propulsion Conference held in Cologne, Germany from May 19 to 22. EA took the opportunity to show the most recent new capabilities of its rocket and satellite propulsion system simulation tools in the ESPSS library developed for ESA. EA likewise presented a paper called “1-D Simulation of Solid and Hybrid Combustors with EcosimPro/ESPSS” showing new capabilities for modeling solid and hybrid propulsion systems.

On May 22 a workshop was held for EcosimPro/ESPSS users. More than 20 engineers from different European companies attended it to see the most recent advances and upcoming developments in the tool for the new phase, which will be starting soon. Furthermore, the users also presented highly complex models that were simulated satisfactorily in EcosimPro/ESPSS and shared their experiences with the rest of the group.

February 2014: Newsletter number 9 has been issued

A new issue of the newsletter of EcosimPro/PROOSIS news has been released in English and Spanish.