New EcosimPro/PROOSIS 2020 Version 6.2 is coming soon

The new versions of EcosimPro/PROOSIS 2020 (Version 6.2) are currently being tested. It is expected that it will be launched on the market next April. This new version incorporates new improvements that are very much demanded by users such as:

– New experiment libraries that allow decoupling the partitions of the experiments. Now many users can create their own experiment library and create multiple experiments on some existing partitions in other libraries.

– Improvements in the connection with the FMI standard allowing the use of enumerated, equivalent variables, etc.
– Added the capability to connect to external OPC-UA devices.
– Added the capability to produce HDF5 files in Linux.

– Port array management tool in the graphical editor that allows dynamic sizing of ports and connection to multiple connections.
– New 3D visualization tools on the Monitor.

– The new version allows to pass partition classes as function arguments.
– Creation of a parent class called EPartition for all partition classes that allows any partition to be used generically.
– Use of object pointers.
– New virtual methods for classes.
– Use of the “this” pointer as in C++.
– Methods for copying variables between partitions and identifying a partition.

– New versions of IDAS and CVODE improved to work with thousands of equations .
– New variables of IDAS and CVODE solvers. Now the user can tune for each Jacobian variable by changing maximum step, maximum order of calculation, threshold for parallel calculation, etc.

– New improved automatic testing tool.

– Help the user to select variables by categories in the REPORT_TABLE and REPORT_LIST functions (for example to select all the algebraic at once)

This new version will be available to any user who is up to date on their maintenance contract.

If you would like any information about any of these new features please do not hesitate to contact us