EcosimPro course in Madrid (Spain)

An EcosimPro course from April 12th to 14th was given at the Escuela de Ingenieros Aeronáuticos of the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (Spain) at which some 40 attendees were given demonstrations of continuous object-oriented system modelling. Among those who attended were final-year aeronautics students, lecturers from other universities and engineers from different technical firms.

EcosimPro course in Barcelona (Spain)

As part of a seminar on object-oriented simulation and modelling, a course was given on the use of EcosimPro at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona (Spain). The course consisted of practical sessions based on the theory taught during the mornings. Those attending were able to see for themselves the advantages of this continuous system modelling technique. Simulation demonstrations covered chemical, thermal, etc

EcosimPro course in ESTEC (Holland)

An EcosimPro course was given at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk (Holland ) from January 11th to 13th. A total of 16 engineers attended, from both ESA and other European aerospace companies.

Release of EcosimPro 2.0

EcosimPro 2.0 was delivered to the European Space Agency for modelling ECLSS systems. This new version runs on SUN, HP with Unix and PC’s with Linux operating systems. The GUI was based on X Window system. This version is used mainly by ESA and some ECLSS companies such as Dornier and Alenia.